Initialize FaceAI

FaceAI analyzes the video streams within an ongoing video session. To get started with analysis, bind the FaceAI Object with the room in which the video session is taking place.


To start analysis of a stream:

  • Class: EnxFaceAI
  • Method: public void initFaceAI(Activity activity, JSONObject roomMeta, EnxRoom room, EnxStream stream, EnxFaceAIObserver enxFaceAIObserver)


  • activity : Current class instance or activity instance.
  • roomMeta : An NSDictionary object. It contains information about the connected room.
  • room : Instance of the connected room using the EnxRTCAndroid native SDK.
  • stream : The local stream object to analyze.
  • enxFaceAIObserver : To return the callback.

Sample Code

After successful room connecction,
initiate EnxFaceAI on onRoomConnected Callback method
EnxFaceAI enxFaceAI = new EnxFaceAI();
enxFaceAI.initFaceAI(this, roomMetaJsonObject, room, localStream, this);