The EnxFaceAIiOS directory contains the EnxFaceAIiOS.framework iOS SDK. Add this framework in your project. The EnxFaceAIiOS iOS SDK is supported by iOS 10 and later, and XCode 9 and later.

  1. Install CocoaPods. For installation instructions, click this link.
  2. In the terminal, go to your project directory and run pod init.
  3. To integrate EnxFaceAIiOS with your Xcode project using CocoaPods, specify EnxFaceAIiOS for the pod name.
  4. After adding all the required libraries in PodFile, go to the terminal and run pod Install.
  5. Open your project in Xcode using the new .xcworkspace file.

Note: You must enable FaceAI while defining a room for the facial expression analysis to work. To enable it, use the following setting in JSON Payload to create Room:

{ "settings": {
"facex": true;