Initialize FaceAI

FaceAI analyzes video streams within an ongoing EnableX video session. To get started with FaceAI analysis, bind the FaceAI object with the room in which the video session is in-progress.


To start FaceAI analysis on a video stream.

  • Class: EnxFaceAI
  • Method: (instancetype) initFaceX:(NSDictionary * _Nonnull)roomMeta room:(EnxRoom * _Nonnull)room stream:(EnxStream * _Nonnull)stream delegate:(id<EnxFaceAIDelegate>)delegate


  • roomMeta : NSDictionary Object. It contains information of the connected Room.
  • room : Instance of the connected Room using EnxRTCiOS native SDK
  • stream : The Local Stream Object which will be analyzed.
  • delegate : EnxFaceAIDelegate object is the delegate for the EnxFaceAI object

Sample Code

EnxFaceAI *faceAI = [[EnxFaceAI alloc]initFaceX:_remoteRoom.roomMetadata room:_remoteRoom stream:_localStream delegate:self];