FaceAI iOS SDK Methods

The FaceAI iOS SDK is a fast and lightweight SDK that lets you add facial expression and emotion recognition to your iOS application. The system works on the applications's UI and does not transmit or store any biometric data on the server. This allows application developers to create applications that detect and analyze facial expressions in real-time, without having to worry about data privacy. The SDK also provides a variety of features such as face pose, facial detection, age, gender recognition and many more, that can be incorporated into the application.

ActionMethod NameDescription
Initialize FaceAI-(void)initFaceAI:(NSDictionary *)roomMeta room:(EnxRoom * Nonnull)room stream:(EnxStream *)stream delegate:(id _Nonnull)delegate;To initialize FaceAI.
Face DetectorE-(void)enableFaceDetector:(BOOL)enable;To detect the number of faces in a video stream.
Face Pose-(void)enableFacePose:(BOOL)enable;To analyze face rotation and position in a video stream.
Face Age-(void)enableFaceAge:(BOOL)enable;To analyze and predict face age in a video stream.
Face Gender-(void)enableFaceGender:(BOOL)enable;To analyze face gender in a video stream.
Face Emotion-(void)enableFaceEmotion:(BOOL)enable;To analyze face emotions in video stream.
Face Features-(void)enableFaceFeatures:(BOOL)enable;To analyze face features in a video stream.
Face Arousal Valence-(void)enableFaceArousalValence:(BOOL)enable;To analyze face arousal valence in a video stream.
Face Attention-(void)enableFaceAttention:(BOOL)enable;To analyze face attention in a video stream.
Face Wish-(void)enableFaceWish:(BOOL)enable;To analyze face wish in a video stream.