SDKs for Facial Expression Analysis

The FaceAI SDK is designed with a simple user interface that allows application developers to easily integrate it with their applications and start using it with little to no setup requirements.

  1. Download the FaceAI SDK appropriate for your application platform.

  2. Incorporate the FaceAI SDK into your EnableX video application. The FaceAI algorithm analyzes the streams of EnableX video sessions.

Note: The FaceAI platform fires events on mobile devices at an average rate of 10 times per second, and on desktop at up to 30 times per second. These events provide ready-to-use and easily filterable data output.

  1. For deeper integration with your application's code base, customize the parameter values for a smoother or raw output.

  2. Store all the data that is produced in local memory, local storage, or send it to your server for storing it in a database.

EnableX provides the following SDKs to add facial expression and facial emotion recognition AI to any website and application: