Join Aside Room

A moderator or a participant of an ongoing session of a room (parent room) can join another room (aside room) as a participant with audio/video and communicate with everyone in that room. The user joining the aside room remains available with the same audio/video stream as the parent room. Therefore, the user remains visible and audible in both rooms. However, no other user of the parent room can listen or talk to the users in the aside room and vice versa.


  • The local stream is the same for both rooms: A user is free to update user's local stream in either rooms and those changes are applied in both rooms. For example, if a user mutes mic in one room, the user's stream is muted in the other room.
  • Aside Room Instance: Success callback on joining an aside room receives a room instance. It helps to execute all methods and receive events and callbacks.
  • Active Talkers: The user receives Active Talker updates from both rooms.

Class: EnxRoom

Observer: EnxAsideRoomObserver

Method: public void joinAsideRoom(String roomID , EnxAsideRoomObserver asideRoomObserver)

Parameters Data Type Description
roomID String The room ID of the room which the user wants to join.
EnxAsideRoomObserver String Callback observer to get callbacks of all aside rooms.


onJoinedAsideRoomNotification to a user when the user joins the aside room.
onFailedAsideRoomNotification to a user when the user fails to join the aside room.
onDisconnectedAsideRoomNotification to a user when the user is disconnected from the aside room joined by the user.

Sample Code

enxRoom.joinAsideRoom(roomID , asideRoomObserver); // To join Aside Room
public void onJoinedAsideRoom(EnxRoom enxRoom, JSONObject jsonObject){
//joined Aside Room
//enxRoom is Aside Room Instance
public void onFailedAsideRoom(JSONObject jsonObject) {
//Failed to join Aside Room
public void onDisconnectedAsideRoom(JSONObject jsonObject){
//Disconnected from Aside Room