List of SDK Methods

EnxRtc Class

This class features a host of methods and event listeners to help application developers to create RTC applications. Using these methods, a client endpoint can connect to an EnableX session and manage different aspects to conduct a practical session.


The EnxRtc class methods are listed below.

Room Connection

Room Information

  • getRoomId() : To get a Room ID
  • getRoomMetadata() : To get a complete information about the room
  • isConnected() : To know the status of the room if it is connected or not
  • getMode() : To know whether the room is in group mode or lecture mode
  • getClientId() : To get Client ID of the connected user to the room
  • getClientName() : To get client name of the connected user to the room
  • getRole() : To get role of the user connected to the room, viz. moderator or participant
  • whoAmI() : To get connected user information at an endpoint
  • getUserList() : To get a list of all the users connected to the room

Stream Configuration

Messaging & File Sharing

Moderator Controls

  • startRecord() : To start the recording of a session
  • stopRecord() : To stop the recording of a session
  • hardMute() : To hard-mute a room where all the participants are on mute
  • hardUnMute() : To lift the hard-mute restriction from the room
  • lockRoom() : To lock a room preventing a new participant from joining the session
  • unLockRoom() : To unlock a room and allow subsequent users to join the session
  • dropUser() : To disconnect or force-drop a participant from a session
  • destroy() : To stop or disconnect an ongoing session
  • switchUserRole() : Allows a moderator to designate a connected participant to act as a moderator during a session

Screen Sharing

Canvas Streaming


Floor Access Control

  • requestFloor() : Request moderator permission to access the floor and publish the local stream in the Lecture mode
  • cancelFloor() : To cancel the request for floor access pending with the moderator
  • grantFloor() : To grant floor access permission to participants allowing them to publish their local stream in the Lecture mode
  • denyFloor() : To deny a participant's request for floor access in the Lecture mode
  • finishFloor() : To finish the floor access for a participant
  • releaseFloor() : To terminate the floor access granted to some participants.

:pcal Stream & Media Devices

  • getDevices() : To find a list of devices such as a camera and a microphone attached to the device running the client application
  • getSelectedDevice() : To get the currently selected or in-use audio device for the stream
  • switchMediaDevice() : To switch the audio and video source of your published stream to another camera and microphone connected to your device

Stream Management

Manage Logging

Handle Application Switch

Manage Video