Get Room Information

The Flutter SDK provides the following methods:

Get a Room ID

The getRoomId() method provides the ID of a room you are connected to. The Room ID is assigned to each room during Room Creation.

Class: EnxRtc

Method: static Future<String> getRoomId()

Sample Code

String room_id = EnxRtc.getRoomId();

Get Client ID of the connected User

The getClientId() method provides the client ID of the connected endpoint. The client ID is unique for each user connected to a room for the session.

Class: EnxRtc

Method: static Future<String> getClientId()

Sample Code

String ClientId = EnxRtc.getClientId();

Get Name of the Connected User

The getClientName() method provides the name of the user connected through the client endpoint.

Class: EnxRtc

Method: static Future<String> getClientName()

Sample Code

String ClientName = EnxRtc.getClientName();

Get Role of the Connected User

The getRole() method provides the user's role connected to the Room for the session, either Moderator or Participant.

Class: EnxRtc

Method: static Future<String> getRole()

Returns: Enumerated Values: moderator, participant

Sample Code

String role = EnxRtc.getRole();

Get Information of the Connected User

The whoami() method provides the complete User Meta Information of the connected user.

Class: EnxRtc

Method: static Future<Map<String, dynamic>> whoAmI()

Sample Code

JSONObject myinfo = EnxRtc.whoami();

Get a List of the Connected Users

To get a list of connected users to a room that an endpoint is also connected to, use the getUserList() method. It returns a JSON with the list of connected users' information.

Class: EnxRtc

Method: static Future<List<dynamic>> getUserList()

Sample Code

List users= EnxRtc.getUserList();
// Return List Users
"clientId": "", // Unique Client ID assigned by EnableX
"name": "", // User's name
"user_ref": "", // User's Reference
"role": "participant", // Enum: moderator, participant
"permissions": { // In-Session Permission of User
"publish": Boolean, // Whether user can pubish local stream
"subscribe": Boolean, // Whether user can subscribe remote streams
"record": Boolean, // Whether user can initiate recording
"stats": Boolean, // Whether user can view stream status
"controlhandlers": Boolean

Get a List of Remote Streams

The getRemoteStreams() method provides the list of remote streams available a room.

Class: room.getRemoteStreams()

Method: public Map < String, EnxStream > getRemoteStreams()

Sample Code

Map <String, EnxStream> remoteStreams = room.getRemoteStreams();

If the Room has an Active Talker

The isRoomActiveTalker() method checks if the Room has an active talker.

Class: EnxRtc

Method: static Future<bool> isRoomActiveTalker()

Sample Code

await EnxRtc.isRoomActiveTalker();

Advance Stream Options

Set Advanced Options

The EnxRtc.setAdvancedOptions() method is used to set the advanced options.

Class: EnxRtc

Method: static Future<void> setAdvancedOptions(List<dynamic> advanceOptions)

Parameter: advanceOptions: String. A list of advance options to set. e.g. ["battery_updates", "notify-video-resolution-change"].

Sample Code

EnxRtc.setAdvancedOptions(["battery_updates", "notify-video-resolution-change"]);

Get Advanced Options

The EnxRtc.getAdvancedOptions() method is used to get the advanced options.

Class: EnxRtc

Method: static Future<void> getAdvancedOptions()

Event Listeners: onGetAdvanceOptions: Gets the options

Sample Code

EnxRtc.onGetAdvancedOptions= (Map<dynamic, dynamic> map) {

Get Video Quality

The EnxRtc.getReceiveVideoQuality() method is used to know about the video quality at the client endpoint.

Class: EnxRtc

Method: static Future<String> getReceiveVideoQuality(String streamType)

Parameter: streamType: String. Enumerated Values: talker, canvas.

Sample Code

await EnxRtc.getReceiveVideoQuality(streamType);