Get Stream Information

The following methods provide stream-related information such as the as the type of the stream, media tracks, state, and so on.

iOS SDK provides the following methods and properties:

Get Stream ID

The Stream ID is used to identify every stream, be it a local or a remote stream, a canvas stream, or a screen sharing stream. The Stream ID of a stream can be obtained from its streamId property.

Class: EnxStream

Property: streamId

Verify the Availability of Media Tracks in a Stream

EnxStream class provides the following methods to check the presence of a particular media track in the stream.


- (BOOL)hasAudioTo check if the stream includes an audio track.
- (BOOL)hasVideoTo check if the stream includes a video track.
- (BOOL)hasDataTo check if the stream includes a aata track.

Sample Code

if ([stream hasVideo] ) {
// The Stream has a Video Track in it
// Other methods are also used in the similar manner.

Know if Stream is Local or Remote

The isLocal property of a stream is used to know if the stream is a local or a remote stream.

Property: isLocal – BOOL

Sample Code

if (stream.isLocal) {
// It's a Local Stream
else {
// It's a Remote Stream

Get Local Stream ID

The publishStreamId property provides the ID of your local stream published in a room.

Property: NSString publishStreamId

Sample Code

NSString* publishStreamID = room.publishStreamId;

Get Stream by Stream ID

The streamsByStreamId property provides the stream information for a specific Stream ID.

Property: NSDictionary streamsByStreamId

Sample Code

NSDictionary* streamsDict = room.streamsByStreamId; // Get Dictionary
EnxStream* stream = streamsDict[@"StreamID"]; // Get specific stream object

Get the list of Remote Streams

The remoteStreams property provides the list of remote streams available in a room.

Property: NSArray remoteStreams

Sample Code

NSArray* remoteStreams = room.remoteStreams;

Play a Stream

You can play a local stream and all subscribed remote streams, including screen sharing and canvas streams, within the EnxPlayerView object. Therefore, you must create an object of the EnxPlayerView class and attach the stream to Player View using EnxStream.attachRenderer() method.

To stop playing a stream, detach the stream from Player View by using EnxStream.detachRenderer().


EnxPlayerViewTo initiate a Player View object.
EnxStreamTo attach a stream to the Player View.

Method: - (void)attachRenderer :(EnxPlayerView*)ObjEnxPlayerView;: To play a stream.

Parameter: ObjEnxPlayerView: JSON Object. A Player View object.

Method: - (void)detachRenderer;: To stop playing a stream.

Sample Code

// To Initialize Local Stream Player View Object
EnxPlayerView *playerView = [[EnxPlayerView alloc] initLocalView:(CGRect)];
// To Initialize Remote Stream Player View Object
// EnxPlayerView *playerView = [[EnxPlayerView alloc] initRemoteView:(CGRect)];
[stream attachRenderer:PlayerView]; // Attach stream to playerview to play
[yourCustomView addSubview:PlayerView]; // Add playerView to your view
[stream detachRenderer]; // Detach Renderer to stop playing