Play a Stream

You can play local stream and remote streams, including screen sharing and canvas streams by using EnxStream and EnxPlayerView tags.


  • <EnxStream streamId=StreamID eventHandlers=ListenerEvents>: To create a stream.
  • <EnxPlayerView streamId=StreamID isLocal="remote"eventHandlers=ListenerEvents>: To play a remote stream.
  • <EnxPlayerView streamId=StreamID isLocal="local" eventHandlers=ListenerEvents>: To play a local stream.


Property Data Type Description
streamId String To create a stream.
isLocal String Enum: local, remote
eventHandlers JSON Object To add all event listeners to handle the stream.

Helper Methods

Method Parameter Data Type Description
changePlayerScaleType(scalingMode, streamId) scalingMode String Enumerated Values:
streamId String ID of the stream that needs to be scaled in the player.
setZOrderMediaOverlay(isOverlay, streamId) isOverlay Boolean Set it to true to play a stream as an overlay.
streamId String ID of the stream that you want to play as an overlay.
setConfigureOption(configObject, streamId) configObject JSON Object configObject.overlay: JSON Object. configObject.enable: Boolean. Set it to true to enable. JSON Object. All properties of the Over Contents are defined here.
  • textColor: String. Hexa Color Code forText. e.g. #FFFFFF.
  • textSize: Number. Text Size. Range 5-36.
  • textStyle: String. Font Family name. e.g. Arial.
  • text_background: String. Hexa Color Code for Text Background.
streamId String ID of the stream that you want to configure.

Sample Code

var propertyDict = {
textColor: -10053376,
textSize: 12,
textStyle: 1,
text_background: 0
var dict = {
enable: true,
var overlayDict = { overlay: dict }
Enx.setConfigureOption(overlayDict, this.state.localStreamId);
Enx.changePlayerScaleType(SCALE_ASPECT_FIT, this.state.localStreamId);