Service Administration

EnableX CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) is a comprehensive service that enables seamless integration and embedding of communication functionalities into workflows and workstreams. It provides integration capabilities for video, voice, SMS, and WhatsApp communication channels as services, allowing businesses to leverage them within their applications. These services are exposed in the form of a project, making it easy to manage and integrate them with your existing business applications.

With EnableX CPaaS, businesses can enhance their applications by incorporating powerful communication features.

Key Features

The EnableX CPaaS API offers the following features:

  • Omni-Channel Communication: EnableX CPaaS supports multiple communication channels, allowing users to communicate through their preferred communication channels such as video, voice, SMS, and WhatsApp. This unified platform ensures a consistent and cohesive communication experience.

  • Integration with Workflows and Workstreams: EnableX CPaaS enables application developers to seamlessly integrate real-time communication capabilities with their web and mobile applications. By embedding communication directly into workflows and workstreams, application developers can enhance collaboration, streamline processes, and improve user engagement.

  • Native and Hybrid APIs and SDKs: EnableX CPaaS provides a comprehensive set of APIs and SDKs in both native and hybrid formats. These APIs and SDKs support various development environments, empowering application developers to leverage their existing skills and technologies for seamless integration.

  • Low-Code/No-Code Engines: With EnableX CPaaS, application developers can take advantage of low-code and no-code engines to simplify the development process. This makes it possible for developers of various skill levels to quickly build communication-enabled applications using code or visual interfaces.

Service Administration/Automation for Third-Party Applications

The Service Administration APIs of EnableX CPaaS serves as a programming interface that unlocks the full potential of the communication services provided by EnableX CPaaS. Application developers can utilize the API to create and manage projects, configure services, and access comprehensive reporting capabilities.

These APIs provide a seamless way to integrate video into third-party applications. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Accessibility: These APIs can be accessed using server-to-server calls with HTTP-based authentication. This enables application developers to seamlessly integrate the APIs with server-based applications.

  • Role-Based Authorization: These APIs offer role-based access control to allow different levels of access to API routes and associated data. The access hierarchy includes:

    • Administrators: Administrators have role-based access to customer data.
    • Customers: Customers have role-based access to their own data.
  • Basic Functions: The CPaaS APIs encompass several essential functions to facilitate effective integration:

    • Project Management: The APIs for managing projects provide capabilities for creating and managing projects, enabling application developers to efficiently organize and oversee their communication initiatives.
    • Data Pool Management: The APIs for managing data pools associated with the projects. This includes storing, retrieving, and manipulating data relevant to the communication needs.
    • Report Management: The APIs for reporting functionalities allows application developers to generate and manage reports that provide insights into various communication aspects.

Service Administration API

Following topics provide basic information about using the APIs: