UCaaS API Release Notes

These Release Notes provide information about the UCaaS releases.

UCaaS API v1.0 Release Notes

EnableX UCaaS API v1.0 includes a large list of API collections to manage every aspect of EnableX services. These APIs can be used by resellers and customers. Using these APIs, customers can directly integrate UCaaS into their own Information System to automate video meeting setup and access processes.

The following API collections are available:

  • Provisioning Access: To obtain API access credentials such as API access token and reset access passwords.
  • Video Session Access: To obtain acces to video sessions.
  • Customer Management: To add, list, filter, search, edit, and delete customer base. This collection is targeted for resellers.
  • Subscription Management: To obtain a list of active subscriptions, view subscription information, add and edit subscriptions.
  • User Management: To add, edit, list, and search users, and manage their licenses to access the video application.
  • Meeting Management: To manage the permanent meeting room, and schedule and manage meetings.
  • Contact Management: To manage contacts and contact groups.
  • Data Pool: To obtain the master data pool of different kinds.
  • Reports: To obtain reports on the usage of EnableX services.

The UCaaS API supports HTTP Basic Authentication and OAuth2 authentication protocols. Depending on your business needs or application architecture, you can use the UCaaS API with the supported authentication protocol for: