Live Recording

You can record an RTC session as individual streams.


To create a single composite video file, you can also transcribe the recording through a post-session service. This file can be retrieved and replayed using any Video Player. You can configure the room for auto-recording or invoke APIs to start recording when required. So, recording can be started in 2 ways: Auto Recording or On-Demand Recording.

How to fetch Recordings

Live Recording with SDKs

  • Web SDK
  • [Android SDK]((/docs/references/sdks/video-sdk/android-sdk/session-management/index/#record-a-session)
  • [iOS SDK]((/docs/references/sdks/video-sdk/ios-sdk/session-management/index/#record-a-session)
  • [React Native SDK]((/docs/references/sdks/video-sdk/react-native-sdk/session-management/index/#record-a-session)
  • [Flutter SDK]((/docs/references/sdks/video-sdk/flutter-sdk/session-management/index/#record-a-session)
  • [Cordova / Ionic SDK]((/docs/references/sdks/video-sdk/cordova-sdk/session-management/index/#record-a-session)