Glossary of Terms


Active Talker

Set of publishers who are speaking at a given point in time.

Adhoc Room

It is a type of room which are suited for hosting "On Demand" RTC session. These are temporal sessions which are applicable to only single session. Once the session is over , the Adhoc room is deleted.


API Application Programming Interface

API Authentication Key

Authentication key provisioned by EnableX to provide authenticated access to application server embedding RTC capabilities.

Client Id

All user who connect into a session hosted on the EnableX platforms are assigned a unique Id referred as "client ID" . EnableX server and associated API use this Id to pass session related callback handlers to the client application code.


EnableX powered "Rooms" are also referred to as conference. Conference only refers to the meeting point for users into a hosted RTC sesssion. Please note that the EnableX capabilities are not related to typical conference hosted on the conferencing based systems.

Group Mode

It is type of session which is suited for interactive session. Group mode can be enabled by setting settings.mode='Group' when initiating the Room. Group mode provides finer level control over every publisher/subscriber stream into the room. All participants are allowed to publish their stream into the Room and subscribe to all availalble streams.

Please note that current implementation of EnableX server auto-enables "Active Talker" in the Group Mode which in turn forces maximum of 6 actively talking streams to be available to all participants (excluding own stream) to subscribe.

Lecture Mode

Lecture mode "Room Type" is suited for hosting RTC sessions which has limited number of concurrent publishers (less than 6) and large number of subscribers. The room has one moderator who has the administrative rights for the room. The moderator administrative rights include muting remote participants, force disconnect of remote participants, moderator approved publishing of remote participants stream. In this mode participants are allowed to publish their stream into the Room once explicitly granted "floor access" permission by the moderator. When each participant gets connected to this room, they subscribe to Moderators 'Stream and any other Participants' stream being published in the the room. During Lecture mode, Moderator gets additional controls to manage the floor. Participants can raise hand seeking floor access, which Moderator might grant or reject. Lecture mode may be enabled for a Room while creating it by setting settings.mode='Lecture'. The other mode of Room is "Group Mode".


Role based privileges attributed to a participant in a session. Moderator has extra privileges compared to the participants in the call He/She can record, mute and disconnect participants, mute all participants.

Owner Ref

Its Reference or ID of the owner of a Room. EnableX neither maintains Owners' Database not it verifies the data passed while creting a room. Developers needs to pass any ID / Reference Number from their own Information System while creating a Room for their users. CDR Reports you get will carry this Owner Reference which will help your information system to map this data to respective room owners.

Permanent Room

Its one type of Room which can be used to carry out conference anytime you want. A permanent Room is always avaialble unless deleted explicitely using a Server API Call. During its lifetime, a permanent room can be used any number of times to carry out a conference.

Publisher mode

Participant only wants to publish his stream in the session.


A session between 2 or more parties for carrying out real time communication over audio or video. EnableX supports one to one, multiparty and one to many rooms.

Room ID

Its an alphanumeric Identification Number for a room assigned when a room is created using Server API. The Server API response contains the Room-ID. This Room-ID needs to be referred to carry out any kind of transaction on the room using Server API. Also, its needed to create a Session to join the room to carry out a Confereencee.

Scheduled Room

It is a type of room which can be used to carry out a RTC session at a preset scheduled time. The rooms has an additional property "duration" specified in minutes which represents the total duration of the session. The partcipants can join the scheduled room starting 15 minute prior to the scheduled start-time and can re-join any time during the ongoing session. If the session continues beyond the preset duration, any participant can join as long as there are one or more partcipants in the session. Howevever, if all participants leave after the session duration expirition, the session is terminated and no one is allowed to join the session.


Participant joining in a session who have limited privileges.

Subscriber mode

Participant wants to subscribe to other participants stream in the session.


Handler object which carries the video/audio/data of the participants in session.


Allows authenticated access for client end points to the EnableX platform.