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EnableX v1.5 comes with long list of improvements:

Improved Video Quality

Video Stream Quality has improved through efficient Video Resolution Transition while down-scaling & up-scaling. Intermittent Video Freeze Issue has been overcome.

Effective Handling of ABWD

In order to the provide best user experience within the available bandwidth, system will try to optimize the picture resolution, frame rate and the number of streams that can to be shown to the end user.The SDKs will provide event notifications when there are changes in link bandwidth conditions affecting the quality of the call so that developers may show these information to end user if desired.

Smooth reduction of the number of Video Streams, and moving to Audio Only Stream from Audio+Video Stream when Video Communication no longer feasible because of low bandwidth condition.


Crash Fixes and Process Optimization provides greater Stability of EnableeX v1.5 than its predecessors.

Auto-Scaling of Trascoding Servers

Transcoding Processes have been improved by deploying Auto-Scaling of Transcoding Servers based on work-load. If work-load is more, new Transcoding Servers will be automatically spawned, similarly the servers will be downsized when load decreases.