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FAQs: General Questions

What is EnableX.io?

EnableX is a communication platform for embedding video/voice calls and messaging into any apps and sites. Built on a carrier-grade platform, it offers developers with all the necessary toolkits to develop engaging communication experience from one-to-one chats to large-scale broadcast/Webinar. 

How can I get started with EnableX?

Developers can sign up on our portal. https://portal.enablex.io

Every new account is given a bucket of free minutes. Our documentation helps you to build your application with rich features. In addition, we also provide a suite of sample applications used for team collaboration, customer service and e-learning. These sample applications provide a good starting point for you to build your own applications.

What are the platforms & languages supported by EnableX?

Platforms: Web, Android & iOs Languages: Python, Node js, Ruby, Java, PHP, .net, Go

Where can I find all developer documentation for EnableX?

You can find all the documentation at https://developer.enablex.io

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