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FAQs: Pricing

Can I Try EnableX for Free?

Yes absolutely! We give 2000 minutes credit upon sign up and is valid for 30 days.

How do I calculate participant minutes?

Participant minutes is calculated as the time spent by each participant during the call. For example a 30 minutes call with 5 participants, the total participant minutes is calculated as follows. Total Participant Minutes = 5(Number of participants)*30(Duration of Call) = 150 minutes. Please note that the system takes the participant start time as the time when they get connected to a call & disconnect time as the time when they log out or get disconnected from a call. If a participant is gets dropped midway in the call & then re-joins again, the system will make two entries in the conference log.

What Payment methods are accepted?

We support credit/debit cards or electronic mode of payment transfers.

The free minutes is only applicable for first month?

The sign-up minutes are valid for a period of 30 days. After 30 days, you need to sign up for a plan that best suits your needs. Each plan has a quota of free minutes attached to it.

Can I generate multiple API keys under my subscription?

Yes, you can generate multiple API keys. One plan can be used for multiple applications. So you are entitled free minutes across multiple applications in your plan.

Can I have multiple plans for different applications?

Yes, you can have multiple plan subscriptions. However one Application key can only be attached to one subscription plan.

Is White label option only available in enterprise plans?

Yes, White label option is only available in enterprise plans. However, if you are a growing enterprise and with a high volume usage that necessitates white label portal, please contact us.

Can I change or cancel my plan any time?

Yes, from the EnableX portal, you can change your plans depending on your requirements as it comes. Any change in plan will take effect from next billing cycle.

When will the billing start?

For the billing cycle you have two options: Rolling basis: For e.g: If you start your subscription on 10th August your Bill Cycle will be 10th August to 9th September Monthly cycle: For monthly cycle, the first bill will be prorated basis start date of subscription. From the second bill cycle onwards you will be charged for full month. For e.g: If you start your subscription on 10th August your Bill Cycle will be pro-rated as 10th August to 31st August. The second bill cycle will be for full month i.e. 1st September to 30th September

What is the difference between composite recording file & individual stream recording file?

By default, when the real time Communications sessions are recorded on EnableX platform the individual stream files are available for download. For e.g: A call with 5 participants that goes on for 30 minutes, the system will generate 5 separate video files each of 30 minutes duration. Say if one of the participants got disconnected after 10 minutes into the call and then later re-joins, the system will create 2 separate video files for the participant. One for the first 10 minutes and then the next one for the remaining duration of the call. The composited file is a single downloadable video file generated from the individual stream files. The composite recording files are available for download at a separate charge & are billed on per minute basis.

How are the recording minutes charged?

The recording minutes are charged on per participant minute for the duration of the call. The charge also includes download of individual recording stream file. For e.g.: 30 minutes call with 5 participants, the total billable recording minutes will be: Billable Recording Minutes = 30(Duration of Call)*5(Number of Participants)= 150. The individual stream recorded files will be available for download up to 72 hours from creation at no extra cost. If the user chooses to download composite video file, the same will be charged at the total duration of the call. In the above example, the user will be charged at 30 minutes for composite video file. Please note that the composite video file charges will be over & above the recording charge.

Can I opt to store my recording files beyond 72 hours duration?

Yes, you can. For retaining your recordings beyond 72 hours, please contact us.

What happens to individual stream recording files when a client chooses composite file for Download?

Both the individual streams as well as the composite recording files will also be available for download at the same time.

What is configurable TURN?

With configurable TURN, the customers can opt-in for their own TURN server and the real-time traffic can be routed via customer chosen TURN server. For customers who need to isolate IP addresses, EnableX configuration TURN allows developers the flexibility and control to use their own TURN servers for media traffic. Please note that this is charged separately over the standard plan.

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