Table of Contents

New Features

Multiple Moderator

EnableX now supports multiple moderator to join a session. In previous versions, EnableX supported 1 Moderator in a Session by default. Now, you may define a Room with 1 to 5 moderator using Server API Call to meet your business needs. Further, in support of this feature, we have updated, events related to Moderator Control Methods to carry clientId of the moderator who had executed the method.

Lock Room

Moderator can now lock a Room prohibiting any new participant joining session. Subsequently, moderator may unlock room to allow participants to join again.

Destroy Session

EnableX introduced a single Method which Moderator ma invoke to destroy a ongoing session. This would mean all participants and moderators are disconnected and session gets closed.

Unsupported Browser

Web Toolkit comes with a new method EnxRtc.isSupported() which may be invoked to know whether the browser will support WebRTC Communication.

Additional Methods in Floor Access Control

EnableX introduces new methods to support its Floor Access Control feature where a participant may cancel his request for Floor Access; also he can finish his granted floor access without having to wait moderator to release floor access.


EnableX v1.6 comes with long list of improvements:

Improved Media Quality

Audio Video Stream Quality is improved significantly with customization option to have control on Stream Quality.

Effective AV Sync in Transcoded Video File

In previous version of EnableX, in some cases, we had experienced AV Sync Issue in Transcoded Video File. This issue has been fixed and you get a effective Transcoded video playing all recorded streams in right playtime.